DAY 1   I reached Ambala cantt station by train at very morning and decide to go KALKA because i wanted to enjoy the Kalka-Shimla train route, i went to Chandigarh from Ambala by nearly six hitch hike, then moved toward kalka after some distance i took hitch hike in a pickup and reached at Kalka, i went in a gurudwara and took food and then went to Kalka station and took toy train for Shimila, I enjoy the UNESCO world heritage route and at evening i reached at Shimila, I walked al around and then went to a Gurudwara and stay there at night

Visit the Kalka

DAY 2&3  On second day i started my journey from SHIMLA move toward RAMPUR because i wanted to explore whole spiti valley so i started walking on the road of shimla and looking for hitch hike then a biker take me on his bike then a truck and many more at last a truck for long distance and i reached at Rampur, I stayed here for two days this place also beautiful but people of there is not good, first i meet with Drug supplier then Robber also shopkeepers are not good person 


DAY 4  Now time to to explore some new place meet some new people so again i hit the road and started walking on the highway of Rampur, i walked upto 5km and went out of market then i local biker help me for some more distance and then again i walked some more distance then i took hike in a car and we stared conversation with him, i told him my story and he become crazy then we take some snacks and tea on a store and again i hit road alone in beautiful valley and move some more distance and looking for hitch hike then one car person give me lift in his car and he take me at a new place SANGLA  


DAY 5  yesterday i had stayed at local home, now my day to explore next destination but i was not in hurry, i wake up in morning and see the sunrise of POOH and take a cup of mountain tea then took a little walk there, due to mountain there cold but i took bath by glacier water after that we took lunch and i prepared myself for next destination, i walked many km and enjoy desi roapway then i took a GREF truck after that a car, there was a beautiful view road is construct like a cave and i was going through and i was alone there i enjoy the silence and sound of river then i saw a truck and took hitch hike, They are really cool persons and i make them crazy they dance with me and we make lots of fun, In the noon at KAZA we made lunch and i eat food in best mountain view then again we move and at evening our truck get puncher and we stayed there there was one small water fall of clean water we cook our food by this water and sleep in truck



DAY 6  I wake up and i saw i am in truck then i saw outside everything was silent and cold air was blowing there, i got off from truck and  just near to our stop there is a small waterfall of  pure water so we took water from there and made tea there also make a fire there

Bonfire in kaza
A traveler stand at Key monastery of Spiti valley near Kaza