Majuli (Biggest river island of the world )

Kids of majuli

When i went Majuli then i was a stranger but when i leave then I got a home and a family

How i know about Majuli   I was  studying a travel blog on internet and i saw one blog about Majuli then i search on internet about Majuli and read more about it, i felt like it is really a beautiful place so i mark it on my google map and hit the road toward Majuli


How i reached
When i was at Nagaland then i took a ticket for Dibrugarh because initially i plan first to go Dibrugarh & Tinsukia and in return visit Majuli but while journey i change my plan and went to majuli, i left train at Titabar station because it was nearest station from Jorhat, it was a very small station in rural area and there was very few transportation to go somewhere, I saw one person was shouting Jorhat-jorhat so i went to his vehicle and sat in his Tata Ace and now i was going toward Jorhat Town

All the people were talking to each other in Assamese, i didn't understand anything but they can understand Hindi, i talked to one boy who sited at front of me and he told me a lot about majuli and also he told me last ferry for majuli will leave at 4pm, you can't get ferry because right now time is 3:30 and auto will take 1 hour

When i reached Jorhat than i talk to one auto and also he told me same about last ferry but i was not in kind of tension because there was lots of hotel also i had my camping tent so i decided to go close to bramhputra and setup camp there so i moved little more toward and reached a place that was so good better for camp, when i had setup camp then one man came to me and told me you can stay at my home actually one of his building was in construction and i went there and i stayed at there that night and next day i leave for Majuli


Ferry for Majuli     For majuli i reached at nearest and biggest ferry port called Nimatighat when i reached then next ferry was about to leave after one hour so i walked all around and then i went inside ferry and sat on a seat

after some time one boy come to me and told me something in Assamese actually he asked for ferry rent, i told him i can't understand Assamese then he told me in Hindi, Where are you from and i told him i am from Varanasi and he told me why are you going Majuli then i told him i have heard lot about this place so i am going to explore it then he told me i am from Majuli and i will help you to explore Majuli

then i went on his boat and he didn't charge me anything for the journey and till half of journey he was busy in collection boat rent and then he gave me his boat to drive it, yes i drive such big ferry in Brahmaputra, It contained more than 50 bikes and 3 four wheeler and lots of people, most of people had sat at below the deck and also a lot on top of deck, on the deck people were playing card some talking to each other, few were recording the view of Brahmaputra, Brahmaputra is very wide river, it took nearly a hour to reach Majuli

I stayed on his home   when i reached at majuli then he took me his home and it was the first time when i was about to stay at someone's home and i was thinking in my mind "what will i talk to family people and many more question, when i reached on his home then his mother was outside home and some kids were playing outside , he introduce me with his family people, His family was so nice, her wife bring water, tea, biscuit and banana It was really a strange combo for me but i took except banana and still i didn't know the name of that boy then he told me i am going on boat and i will explore you all majuli at evening  you stay here and watch TV or you can explore little bit so i deiced to explore, I put my backpack at his home and went outside to explore Majuli

I went out to explore Majuli When i leave his home then i didn't have any kind of fear like they will steal some stuff from my backpack or any other because at the first meet i realize that they are good people also one more truth was i didn't have anything in my bag some cloth and camping tent, so i went out and reached on a road, Road of majuli is very higher than home it is nearly twice higher that a home because of safety reason, if flood comes in village then people can go on road

I took a long road and went to many places because i didn't expect that an island can be so big but i forget it is world biggest river island and i had walked more than 10km in one direction but i knew a lot also i went to one big satara and many and when i return to his home then they were waiting for me and they were thinking that i have forget route and also they didn't have my cellphone number so when i return and he saw me than took a deep breath and told i just thought that you have forget the root then i smile and said no! i didn't forget root just took a long root then i told him all route and he told me you walk almost 15 km and then all family member laugh gently and still i didn't know his name ( person in which home i stayed ) then he took his bike and said we will go to explore again

Again we leave to explore he was telling about everything and after fifteen minute drive we reached at a market he told me it is Kamlabari market (ghat name is on this place name) , then we went to buy some vegetables and chicken and he buy some local fish of Brahmaputra and moved toward home

When we were coming on home then he ask me my name and i told him my name is DEEPAK and he told me my name is also DEEPAK and i get surprise and he too, when we reached home then he told on his home and every buddy get surprise and his mother said that "He is childhood brother of Deepak" then first i laugh and then whole family

In Deepak family his mother and one big brother, both have married, Deepak has one kid and two kids of his older brother and mother of him, some of family member can't speak Hindi but they understand and deepak and his wife can speak proper hindi and understand, His big brother can understand and spoke partially and his wife can't speak but understand and his mother neither speak nor understand but one more thing he had assumed me like i am his son and he understand when i say something and told to every buddy in Assamese and then all say yes-yes it is

After all talk i decided to teach their kids so all kids bring their book and i taught every subject and most interesting was teaching Hindi because at there teaching Hindi is like teaching English in other part of India and then i learnt some Assamese keywords
Then it become time for diner so me him and his older brother we took together food,chicken,fish and rice and i didn't feel like i am at someone home after that they prepare my bad with mosquito net and i took a deep nap without any fear and without any tomorrow plan


Next day  when i woke up then i decided to cross majuli and  explore Arunachal but at the evening i reached just at the border of Arunachal Pradesh, My Arunachal story is also very interesting

When i entered in Majuli then i made a random plane to visit Ziro Valley so at morning i told to them i will go to Arunachal and then every buddy were trying to stop me but i said i will go and then they made lunch for me and me and his older brother ate together because Deepak went on boat at morning, people of majuli usually eat rice but she made some puri for me and dal and some fish and i felt more Delicious because it contains love

Then his older brother bring a boat for to go from his home to bus and then every buddy came with me upto boat and i sat in boat and boat started shake because it was narrow type boat then he start paddling and i said everyone good bye, you can see in Majuli video

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