In Himachal i visit most of spiti valley, i start my journey from KalkashimlaRamurSanglaPooh→Nako→Sumdo→ Tabo→Kaza→Kibber→Manali,   I travel complete spiti valley only by Hitchhike                                       Read More

  while this journey every minute was itself adventure


I start my journey from Haldwani  and reached to Kedarnath throught many known and unknown places, also i stayed at a stranger home and experience local culture while uttarakhand journey, i cover most of my journey by hitchhike                    Read More



Assam is full of green land and also world biggest river island is there called Majuli, after 3day of journey i reached at Majuli and explore it also i explore many more place of Assam                                                            Read More


I start my south India journey from Chhattisgarh and i enter from Korba and then i explore this state and went to many places and after 8 days i leave after visit chitrakot waterfall                                                        Read More

waterfall of chitrakot, it is niagara fall of India, it is also biggest waterfall of India and most wide waterfall of India

Madhya Pradesh

In MP i feel like home because  it is nearest state from my home first i went to chitrkoot and then Khajuraho, Jhasi,Orchha and many more places          Read More



After Araku valley i went to vizag by mistake and then i decided to visit Odisha and explore the south part of odisha form jagganath puri, chilka lake, Darangbadi and many more also i went to tribal areas and meet with them and test their food

I took a boat in Chilika lake to see the beauty of Chilika lake and watch group of birds

Andhra Pradesh

I start my journey of south india from Chhatisgarh and Odisha and then went to Andhra pradesh then Tamilandu, In tamilandu i reached at Kanyakumari and end my journey there

Balagi Temple

Tamil Nadu

After explore Andhra pradesh i went to Tamilandu because i wanted to last point of my country so i went to many places of Tamil Nade some explored and some unexplored and at the end finally i reached at Kanykumari

I took photograph of vivekananda rock memorial at kanyakumari

North East India

I start my journey varanasi and then i went Bihar, KOlkata and through Siligudi corridor i reached In North East part of India and i explore Arunachal Pradesh,Nagaland, Mizoram and Assam