Sangla Valley

How to Reach

I reached here by hitchhike but there is also a government bus that run at evening from Karcham but i will not suggest you to wait for bus and if you have your own vehicle then nothing is better than this, Road from karcham to Sangla is moderate and broken and sometimes very narrow even for one vehicle but if i went there then also you!

Where to Stay

I reached sangla before at evening and then i went to their hotel and i was there till evening i spent some time with that family after one hour we took snacks  after that i went to explore a budget hotel and i get a really cheap even i don’t expected on such type place is Hotel Kalish and hotel owner was very friendly even at there i didn’t feel like customer


My Story

How I get Hitchhike

Initially i didn’t know about Sangla,i was going on Shimila-spiti highway and looking for hitchhike then i saw one car that was coming toward me so i show hand for hitchhike and they stop their car, i saw a man on driving seat



and a lady beside having a kid in her lap and on back seat one kid, like a complete family, then i was thinking that they will tell me we don’t have sit but opposite to my expectation they told to his son sit on one side and make a seat for him and he sat on one side and me on other, while journey we talk a lot and i told him i am a traveler and i travel my journey most of  by hitchhike and don’t have any specific plan for traveling, i am just traveling and i am going spiti, they told me they are going Sangla Valley, it is first time when i heard about sangla and i always ready to explore new place so also i decide to go sangla

Karcham to Sangla Journey

Highway was so good and well maintained but when we turn from Karcham for Sangla, It is nearly 29 km from Karcham and road was very damage and somewhere it is very narrow and cave structure, when we moved few km we saw wide view of mountains and road start turning like a snake,view was so incredible, We saw one village that was on other side of road and between two mountain there was a big chasm there was no road also and we were on very height altitude so we started thinking how people live there and how they connect to rest of world and many many more question, One car was coming behind us that was little far and there was no one, Everything is quite there and view is like haven,waterfall,cloud touches mountain and river was flowing at bottom of mountain after a long ride we reached at Sangla

When i reached Sangla

when we were about to reach at Kupa then we saw a big Dam and security forces were warning people stay away from Dam it could open any time, we moved nearly one more km and we reached at Kupa, In kupa he had booked a hotel so first i went to there and put my backpack and then we all went outside to explore nature and its beauty,we saw a big garden of apple, apple was not big yet, we plucked one-two and test it because we were curious then we moved little more and went on road there was some big rocks beside of road both son of him climb on rock and i shout him picture, it was covered by all around mountain, we relax there nearly half hour and then again we returned back to hotel, till then hotel assistant bring some snacks and cold drink so we took snack and cold drink there

After that i went out to meet with local people and find a budgetBest hotel at sanglahotel, when i reached at main road of Kupa i saw a hotel (Hotel Kalish) it was look like little expensive but i went there and ask for rate then he called his owner and then a boy come to me, He was nearly at my age also he was looking very friendly then i ask to him is there any vacant room, he said yes deluxe 700₹ then i told him i am looking little cheap and he told me yes i have two ordinary room, then he show me his room and room was so good with everything and he gave me some extra discount when i told him i am a blogger, I spent some time there and talk to him he was a really cool guy i didn’t feel there like a customer

He told me everything about sangla and some beautiful hidden
place and he sent with me one of his worker on top of mountain and he told me, you can see complete view from there so i went to top of mountain and in picture you can see top view saw top view of sangla I was there nearly one hr and then i came to hotel and talk to hotel owner again like we are close friend he told me about a garden of black cumin seed so i went there because first time i heard about it and then the garden was so beautiful i was there until day end, i was feeling relax there then i came to hotel then we again started talk to each other

He gave me his computer for use and there i transfer my data from card to hardisk, then some other stuff after that we took dinner together like we know each other since many years then we again started talk to each other, he show me some documentary videos of sangla and after that we said good night and then he drop me to my room and then he went to his, at that time outside temperature was very cold,air was blowing very fast and cold, i took a heavy blanket and get sleep

It is one of the best night of my life

Next Day

I woke up at morning and went outside to see sunrise, till that sun did not rise and i was feeling cold after few minute sun rise between the mountain and it look more beautiful in green valley of Sangla
I took brush and bath and nearly 10am he call me and said be ready we are about to go Chitkul then after half hour he came and i sat in his car and we moved toward Chitkul, when we cross the sangla market then a real natural view started

Water was coming through many glaciers and we were going upward side, Chitkul is on higher altitude than sangla, one side we were going on mountain road and other side a huge landscape of mountain,waterfall, rover was flowing on green ground everything like dream and it was upto Chitkul and then we reached at last point where civilians are allowed and then we meet with our Soldiers and talk to them after some time we return back and took a coffee at chitkul, all bill he paid and then we return back to Sangla and then took lunch in a restaurant after that we return back to hotel

They told me they are going their next destination Kalpa, then i thought that in my mind It will be hard to go to highway if  i leave this car so instantly i pack my backpack and checkout hotel and sat in his car,now i was going out of sangla but still i was there!

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