How to prepare yourself for random travel

Random traveling is totally different type of traveling in which you don’t know your next destination also your route, I make a random plane and destination and while journey it change several time and sometime itself destination has changed, A complete freedom! You can change your route and destination between your journey and it often happen with me, lots of time i have change my route and destination according to my mind and situation

Fear of lost

when you think about unplanned journey then maybe you will go on those tracks that you don’t know about it then fear of thing comes in mind fear by strangers, where will you stay at night what will you eat, fear that some stranger may rob your luggage, fear of wild animal and a lot more

but guys believe me this is just a fear of mind because a great man has said


“What a person fears is the fear itself”

And also I am saying because I am a great man ‘no’ because I have visited many unknown places and I find places for stay at everywhere like hotel, guest room and sometimes someone home and food is never a concern, you’ll always get your belly feed up

Gear that you can carry in Backpack

you don’t carry lots of unnecessary gear, it will make your backpack heavy and become load on your back so you can’t enjoy your trip

Remember you don’t need to carry item like camping tent, too many cloths & unnecessary items, If you are going for specially camping than its your choice

  • 2 pants with 1 shorts
  • 3 T shirts
  • 1 pair shoes with socks
  • 1 slipper
  • 1 towel
  • 1 Diary
  • Camera gear

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