Chitrakot Waterfall

How to Reach

I reached there by hitchhike, there is also bus and auto service from jagdalpur but most of people go there by own vehicle
If you are at Jagdalpur railway station then just near to station there is direct road for waterfall also you will get direct vehicle and road passes from most of urban areas

My Story

I planned from this waterfall when l leave home actually i went to Chattissgarh for this waterfall but i went to many places, I reached at Jagdalpur at night and then on next day morning i went to waterfall by hitchhike, it took seriously lots of time because most of area was ruler and perhaps people didn’t stop their car due to this reason but finally i took many hitchhike and reach at waterfall
It was raining there, there was a temple just beside to temple, i took priest’s umbrella and went out to waterfall, After water get fall it fly like smoke all around and touch everyone, it was best feeling
After explore a lot i decided to return back so i saw on biker was going so i sat on his bike and he drop me at next 5km and then i got a bus for Jagdalpur

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