Araku Valley

How to Reach

I reached Araku valley by vizag-kirandul 58501 passenger train also it is very popular way to go Araku, from vizag to araku there is huge beautiful landscape, this route itself is a destination, train passes from many beautiful valleys,natural rich landscapes,tunnel and bridges but there is also bus service from vizag to Araku it is also beautiful because it also passes through same landscape

Where to stay

There is lots of hotel from cheap to luxury, I stayed in a hotel that was having only dormitory on 100₹/day, it was very cheap and good with locker facility, There is also room facility from railway and they charge on base of 12hr, also there is two bog government hotel  All the mean is you will not face any kind of accommodation problem there, you will get hotel or dormitory in your budget

Place to visit near Araku Valley

There is many beautiful places near to Araku, list of some places

Borra Borra Cave- It is very famous and mysterious for it shape and huge depth at there stone is like melting shape but actually it is not melting
ananthagiri waterfall- It is a waterfall between Bora cave and galikonda view point also many people go there for trekking
Galikonda point view- It is corner of highway that is on above mountain and from there entire valley is look so beautiful
Shimiliguda- It is India’s highest broad gauge railway station situated 10km from Araku station

My Story

How i know about Araku

When i was at Visakhapatnam then i heard about it, on railway station board and by some people and they are talking about a glass coach train that runs between vizag and araku also i search on internet and i saw some heart touching picture of green mountain and valley then immediately i decided to go Araku and next day morning i took Vizag-kirandul passenger train for Araku valley

Vizag to Araku journey

I reached Araku Nearly at noon but the day was cloudy so it seems like evening, I leave train at Araku Valley halt and Araku station is nearly 2km ahead, first i took a long breath in this beautiful valley and then i take a look all around beautiful green landscape, It is not a big city of market it is like a village covered by all around mountain and beautiful green landscape, I saw some people was going toward market so also i walked behind them and it is my way to be like local,I saw one man was making noodles on his home with a small machine, I was there till 10mnt and then i moved little more and went to bus stand i saw there a dormitory “Roy Dormitory” then i went inside and i saw a boy he was attendant,I try to talk to him but he didn’t know Hindi so i speak and he knew a little English so he told me “Yes! it is available with locker at 100₹/day” so i decided to stay there and i put my backpack in locker and instantly took a deep bath because it had had three days to last bath and at the same time i put my cellphone and camera on charging after bath i went to market and eat a local dish them little more because i was also hungry then went to outside of market into a field there some farmers were working in their field so i took them, i like talk with local people everywhere because i can get best and true knowledge only by local people so after that i came to market again and i was looking everything till evening and then i return to my hotel

Coffee Museum

when i was coming to my hotel them i heard a beautiful tribal music, It was attracting me like a magnet, it was really so beautiful so started thing where music is playing so i thought that it may be in hotel then i went to inside hotel and there was no music it was coming from behind side from Araku Coffee Museum so i went there and i saw some girls were dancing in tribal style, At that time i didn’t go there because i was tired

But next day evening i went inside and i saw there lots of coffee verity even i didn’t see huge verity in my entire life and then just beside of coffee shop there was museum i saw there story of coffee when first time come use in the world how coffee comes from tree to coffee cup, here you can drink coffee with wonderful tribal music


At day 1 i explore market and commercialize area but on this day i decided to go villages and mountain areas of Araku, One side of railway track is big mountain and beautiful landscape and other side small market of Araku, you can see in upside video so first i went to a agriculture training center and then i moved little more and went to a village that was near to mountain after that mountain started, i talked to a local boy and convenience him to go on top of mountain and then i meet with some farmers, those were doing really hard work on the top of mountain, it was hard for me to go on top of mountain and they were working there i was surprise at that time, i talk to them they didn’t know Hindi and but one of them knew Hindi, after that i come to ground and return to hotel but didn’t go hotel went at Coffee museum and knew everything about it and then return to Hotel and now i was planing for next day to leave Araku and go Shimiliguda

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