Advantages of solo traveling

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Travel itself is so beautiful, while traveling we see the world the nature and meet with lots of people it makes happy and while traveling you meet yourself, it is beneficial for all of us from every point of view

1.You can travel in any direction

if you are a solo traveler you don’t have to follow someone  you canmake your own plan and change it anywhere and in this way you can explore those places which is not in your diary because you will be flexible you don’t have to discuss to some and wait for his yes!, i am a solo traveler and i never make a plan to travel i make instant plan and go anywhere and while journey i meet with people and according to people, someone suggestion and according to my mind i change my plan, In this way i explore many beautiful places

2. you can meet yourself

When you travel solo then you can feel a silence even at the crowded places because you can listen yourself you can feel yourself and you will know yourself better than than previous day basically it gives us opportunity to explore yourself

3.You can take hitch-hike

If you are traveling solo you can take lift on someone vehicle but if you are traveling in a group you can’t do it because in group need lots of space and one person can easily fit on  someone bike or car

4. It’s easier to stay on-budget

As per my experience, i felt that when i travel alone then there is nothing to worried about like if i choose cheap stay or low cost restaurant then what my group or my travel mate will think about, another problem is of you want to eat something than you have to ask in group who want to eat or who not and so I travel solo and i never be worried about what other will think about my budget and stander of my hotel

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