A traveler stand at Key monastery of Spiti valley near Kaza

My Story

When i was studying then i never thought that one day i will be a traveler, i never go anywhere for trip and trek, i always pay my attention in books and study but some times i ask to myself why i am studying a lot, does i need lots of money and luxury, when someone shows me his traveling pictures and videos then it wonder me a lot, while studying sometime i went somewhere outside in any-direction and i didn't worries about lost

Traveling is like medicine for me it make me happy and it drives me to travel everywhere & anywhere, while journey i meet lots of people even i didn't know them but they help me and sometimes give me home, it drive me to travel forever so that i can meet with  beautiful peoples, direction doesn't matter for me, what matter is only path

I want to wake up every day at a different place, want to meet random people see a different world and culture, I always travel solo and in unplanned way



I love traveling and exploring, Always i want to see something new, When i start my journey then i decide to go in unplanned way because in this way traveling became very exciting, Even i don't know that where will i stay at night and where will i go on next day, also according to situation i can change my plan and if i will go on those tracks on which lots of people have went than i will not find anything special that will surprise and inspire me.

I went to the top of mountain of Nainital

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