Sangla : Another Kashmir of India

I got opportunity to explore sangla when i was on Spiti trip, I took hitchhike in a car and they told me they are going Sangla, so also i decided to go sangla and explore it

If you want to see Heaven go Sangla

Araku Valley

Araku valley is covered by all around mountain and natural beauty also there a waterfall and big coffee forming,  One of the best train route passes from  Araku valley to vizag

Valley of Peace

Why I Love Assam

When i decided to explore India then first i went to North-East India and first one was Assam and at the first incident Assam still my heart, i got a home there and a family

Assam is my second home

Traveling inspires me

when i am traveling then i am feeling alive, I don't travel to see only sights and enjoy Hotels, I travel to meet new people,experience their life and culture and share them to the world

I find home out of my home and strangers become my friend and more than any relative and they give me reason why i travel


Sangla by hitchhike

Fun while Hike in a truck !


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